Merry Christmas and a Happy "BRING ON THE 08 SEASON" New Year to You. All the Best for the New Year. :)


Turning Left, Turning Right, and Now Finally Straight. Wait What Am I Saying?

-Alonso Goes Crawling Back Into the Arms of HIS Daddy Flavy-

After weeks of heaps and heaps of speculation, it has finally been confirmed that Nando would race in the French team's outfit (again) next year. This year Renault has been nothing short of...disastrous. Heck racing it against a lawn mower through the fields of Iowa, who would win? Okay maybe that wasn't exactly a good comparison to make but anyways, it was reported that it's a three year, £70m deal with an exit clause. So if a seat is available over at the Italian stable in 09, Ferdie can make a jump for it. Yeah nice try boy. Now ya'll would probably ask, where did the money come from? Well remember the "super fund" that was gathered to woo him back? Guess it worked.

And his teammate next season would be *drum rolls*..............Nelsinho Piquet Jr.! I have heard people saying he would kick Ferdie's butt, making it a LeAlonso again. Well no complains there, makes for fine entertainment but a huge difference this time, the DADDY's Flavy and the baby boy is Nando. So you can pretty much guess who's gonna get the eggs behind their baskets if assumingly Lonz would bring that '0.6 seconds' advantage over to Renault. And IF their car won't be that butt ugly plug this year that did nothing but reek. Some rumors suggest that Heikki was dropped because he was too fast and rumor has it, Fisi got picked up by Force India. So from Renault: bye bye Fisi and Heikki.

-Heikki Goes To McLaren-

It's an obvious choice to pick Kovy really considering who's left out there
for McLaren to catch and he doesn't cost much considering the 'beleaguered' financial situation they're in. So does that mean it was Mutua Madrilena (who earlier in the week left) was the one that wanted Pedal as the #2 driver but McLaren saying no so they pulled the plug? Whatever it is I'm just glad that Kovy gets a seat next year. Hopefully he'll get a chance at it and not have a run at just being a #2. Wait, am I kidding myself?

FYI I think he looks washed
out in silver considering the outfit makes his hair look seriously white and his face all...washed out and stuff. Lookin like gramps at 26.

-Dennis to Get the Boot?-

Recently, in a surprisi
ng move, McLaren had issued an apology to the FIA (an apology, yeah, sounds more like a plea bargain). Apparently there was Ferrari stuff going on in the 08 McLaren. They weren't completely honest about Mike Coughlan's role within the team and that senior figures in the team were willing to use Ferrari's technical information on their 08 car (well they did, it's just that they were willing to) in addition to knowing about 'the Ferrari mole'. And the icing, it was signed by martin Whitmarsh. Ron, you on holiday?

So in light of the revelation from Marty, RD's judgment has been put under question and fire. For this absolutely puts to shame Ron's emotional defense back in Silverstone. Quote: 'I live and breathe this team. And there is no way anything incorrect has taken place here.' He can ultimately pay with his job. We can all see that he has made a pile of mistakes this season. So does that give him the boot? No wait, RD just said "he will not resign."

"I'm not going to quit. That is 100 per cent. I know there are people out there who want me to retire, but I'm not. I do not think it would be in the best interests of the team." sure?

-Red Bull Ain't Ready Enough to Win/In Other News-

Good ol' unc
le Webber from down under said he's hopeful the team can push BMW as the third best team and that it would take some measures to improve the reliability of the car. Well yeah duh.

"You know, I could tell you we want to be there or there and give you numbers and rankings, but this is all inappropriate. It would be great to challenge BMW for third but, on the other hand, almost everybody else is determined to improve. It will be close and hard. If we have a reliable car the good results will follow suit. If we could win? Under normal circumstances not yet. There were seven retirements [in 2007], one because of the accident with Sebastian Vettel and six caused by technical failures. I know reliability is the issue for us to score not one but several podiums next year, and I am very confident that Geoff (Willis) can provide the last missing link for gaining that reliability. We had one shot for a win in Fuji but that was a different kind of race."

-Nico Hulkenberg got the test driver seat for Williams after the two day Jerez test. Willi Weber's protege, a former karting champion, dominated the A1GP in his rookie year handing Team Germany the title and came in third in this year's F3 Euroseries, sure shows he got some speed. He'd be racing in the F3 Euroseries again alongside his test driver duties for Williams next year.

-Force India to announce their driver line up by Christmas. Whatever.

-Germany Wins Race of Champions!-

Team Germany, entered with Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel to beat Team Finland in the finals in front of a 50,000 crowd at the new Wembley on a giant scalextric built inside the stadium. Team Germany had beaten England in the semi-finals with Jense and Andy Priaulx at the wheel. Schu did suffer an embarrassment when he stalled in his final heat against Heikki and left everything to Seba who won over Markus Gronholm followed by his win over Kovy in the race-off.

"Sorry" *NOT*

In yet another case where McLaren is forced to look like bandwagon clowns (no complains there, makes for kick a$$ blogging), they have issued an apology. A bit too little too late in my opinion for Ferrari's still going to press charges in court despite the FIA closing the book on that chapter of spy saga. And an apology for what might you add? Well, apparently there was Ferrari things in the 08 McLaren's MP4-23!!!

Now I don't know about you but I'm still trying to sink this in. I never in a million years expected anything to be found and they will carry on with or without Ferrari data. I have been going on in my head about how nothing much would surface, oh McLaren would be cleared and stuff. I had thought that oh maybe the FIA found something but isn't so sure so that to buy time to further examine it, they pushed the meeting. But never this. And an apology from McLaren is the last thing I expected. For them to actually fess up, wow! Makes the words spinning out of their press releases sound absolutely, completely, idiotically dumb now, even more than before. BUT since when is a mere "sorry" enough? Not since kindergarten! Cuz you know what? The apology letter may have an "apologise" in it but with a plead and reasoning to get themselves out of trouble. So much for an apology… And for the FIA dose of rant: F**k the FIA. Look I personally am not exactly the FIA’s biggest fan. And to me, they’re known as III. Well you all know what that means. Since they always hold the importance of everything but of what MUST be done in the name of fairness and right, it makes them look like “shameless hypocrites devoid of any integrity.” Money matters more to them than anything else, not that it doesn’t in the world, but at least have a degree of fairness, justice and consistency. Ooops, I just asked for the sky!

Here's what you can gather from the so called "apology"
1. There were items from Ferrari on the Mp4-23 (among others the quickshift, fast fill and CO2 as a tyre gas).
2. They are just trying to avoid a fine. Pathetic.
3. McLaren figured it's safer to drop this now to save their reputation before it becomes a distant story which in terms will damage their "money making" ability.
4. And most importantly, THEY ARE NOT SORRY.

If McLaren wouldn’t be punished for having Ferrari material in their 08 car, I don’t know what to think. I am right now already honestly at a lost of words but I can say, for those that think the FIA and Max Mosley is in Ferrari’s pocket, well they ain’t. All year round, the FIA have been in favor of McLaren and Mad Max is pushing for the FIA to close the book on this one. Thus letting McLaren walk away. And why in the world is it Martin Whitmarsh signing the letter and not RD? Shouldn't it be Ron's job to do so? Well all I know now is, I vote for Marty to take over RD's job!

*Note that this comes at the heels of Mutua Madrilena saying "adios" to McLaren. Mclaren are already in a bit of a financial situation. Can Banco Santander be next to pull out? Vodafone?

Schu's New Job: Taxi Driver

In the latest whacky story to hit the F1 world, Schu is apparently Germany's fastest cab driver. According to the reports, Schu and his family (his wife and two kids) flew in to a Bavarian town to pick up an Australian Shepherd puppy called "Ed." When the Schumacher brood caught a cab back to the airport, time was already running short. What's a seven time world champion to do? Politely ask to take over the wheel of course! Cabbie Tuncer Yilmaz found himself in the passenger seat with the King gunning full throttle and over-took in some unbelievable places. Guess what? The experience pays for 60 euros (88 US dollars) fare, on top of the 100 euros (146 US dollars) tip. One can only wonder, how in the world he would be allowed to do that with his wife and kids in the backseat? Answer: they're probably too used to it.

Another off topic story might I add comes from the Kimster himself. His wife, Jenni Dahlman-Raikkonen, a model and former Miss Scandinavia is listed as one of the 165 entrants for the prestigious Munchen-Indoor equestrian event, held at the Olympiahalle in Munich. Now might you ask "would Kimi be a good and supportive husband and attend to cheer her on?" Well it didn't look that way since he's badly allergic to horses. But then again his manager Steve Robertson said "With Kimi you never know." And here's the shocker, he can actually joke. Okay maybe he could all along but only shows that happy camper him when he wins a WDC. Lately he's been a happy chatter, no complains there.

"Of course I support my wife. You can see the passion in Jenni for her own sport. The same passion which I have for racing -- although I do have more horsepower. I have tried riding with Jenni but I'm so badly allergic to horses that I couldn't really do it."

So who's story deserves "most entertaining." My vote's on Schu.

Warning: Do Not Accuse the FIA of a Witch Hunt Unless You're Ready To Be Sued. Sorry I Guess I Didn't Get the Memo...

-The Hearings-

Refer to the post before this for the dish.

-Nico Signs 2 Daddy Approved (I guess) Extra Years With Williams-

Well what can I say, for the son of a champ, he sure is impressing me more than Nelsinho is. This guy has a brain for starters and unlike our in house favorite to rip apart Lew, he actually doesn't talk with his foot in his mouth. It's nice to see that for once.

"I'm delighted about having two more years with Williams. Williams made me a much improved offer and I decided to accept it. I'm now the number one driver in a very good team. Of course I could have imagined myself at McLaren (in 2008), just as I could have imagined being at Ferrari. Every young driver wants to be a in a winning car and to win races. I'm no different. I race for success. But I feel I have to be patient, like most people. There are only a few exceptions like Lewis (Hamilton) who can have immediate success. Mika Hakkinen had to wait six years for a first win."

I applaud Nico. Patience is a virtue and glad to know you got it. McLaren should hire William's PR team. So, Ron, you gonna give up on Nico now?

-War of Words 2: Brundle vs. the FIA-

A while ago, Marty here accused the FIA of a witch hunt against McLaren. So how does the FIA hit back? They plan on filing a law suit against the Sunday Times and Marty hits back at that too. So let me get my rant out. First, what took you so long to file a damn lawsuit, it's been like what 2-3 months already since that article went out?! Secondly as much as I have slugged Brundle in the past, I still have to say he has a right to express what he thinks. So for the FIA to sue, come on that's beyond childish. Just because Cackie's gonna sue Max for calling him a certified half wit, doesn't mean you have to follow in his foot steps. Thirdly, Gosh Martin! Pull your pants up! Don't need to show everyone your anti-Ferrari/FIA thong. If you wanna insult them, do it with smart/mild words/term. Good enough to send the message but not get them on your back for it. You wanna be biased, fine, just don't show the thong.
Just in, the FIA's response to Brundle's hit back:

"It is regrettable that instead of applauding the achievements of motor sport's international champions, who were recognised this weekend in a Gala prize giving ceremony in Monaco, Martin Brundle chose to continue his campaign against motor sport's governing body. Instead of celebrating the results of the closest F1, WRC and WTCC championships for years, Martin has again sought to call into question the integrity of the FIA World Council. Of course Martin is perfectly entitled to his opinion but he should try to understand that to accuse the regulator of a worldwide sport of conducting a witch-hunt against one of its licensed competitors is a very serious charge. The FIA World Council unanimously decided that this could not be left unchallenged. He will now be given the opportunity to try to substantiate his claims in front of the courts."

-Alonso Set To Rejoin Renault With a Hefty Paycheck (Darn you and your money!)-

Yes folks, the expected has finally happened. Alonso's return to Renault is expected to be confirmed in 48 hours with a paycheck of 70 million pounds for three years with an opt-out clause (no wonder he was all smiles at the gala). But as for his team-mate, it still remains uncertain, but with his signing, I'm pretty sure it will be decided soon. Boy I hope they sign Heikki, it'd be a shame if he doesn't get a ride next season.

-Pedal To Be Lew's Team-Mate-

According to the Daily Mail, Pedal's to fill that recently #2 vacated McLaren seat. After what he did, I am surprised that he still has a job. Even more surprised now that I heard he got the second seat. But after a second thought, makes sense really. Their Spanish sponsors, someone has to keep them happy... And they probably need someone slow enough to be Lew's fiddle, so it's a two for one. But for how long could he partner Lew? He's no spring chicken at 36 you know...

May I say, that just about buried the very silly rumor of Lonzo returning to Macca (no way in hell buddy, find some other article to bemuse yourself with).

-Ralf, Take a Sabbatical, Love Your Big Bro-

So basically big bro Michael says Ralfie is "young enough to take a year out to do some great things outside F1"on the heels of him saying he is not interested in joining Force India, hopefully as a move to save some dignity. So now he has no seat, the available ones slowly narrowing to only a few, and it doesn't look like he'd be in F1 next season. If he did what Schu said and leave F1 for a year, chances are, he won't be on the grid the year after. Who'd pick him up? Heck chances are, he would barely be remembered much by then... But nonetheless this coming from somebody else already hurts. Coming from your own brother, now that's OUCH OUCH OUCH!

-Jerez Testing Results-

Tuesday's Times
01. Heidfeld BMW-S
auber 1:19.042 73 laps
02. Button Honda 1:19.155 65 laps
03. de la Rosa McLaren-Mercedes 1:19.712 48 laps
04. Raikkonen Ferrari 1:20.083 73 laps
05. Piquet Renault 1:20.366 66 laps
06. Bourdais Toro Rosso-Ferrari 1:20.615 97 laps
07. Paffett McLaren-Mercedes 1:20.638 50 laps
08. Webber Red Bull-Renault 1:20.682 65 laps
09. Gene Ferrari 1:20.832 67 laps
10. Conway Super Aguri-Honda 1:20.927 87 laps
11. Vettel Toro Rosso-Ferrari 1:21.086 45 laps
12. Rossiter Super Aguri-Honda 1:21.246 71 laps
13. Glock Toyota 1:21.336 69 laps
14. Fisichella Force India-Ferrari 1:21.424 41 laps
15. Hulkenberg Williams-Toyota
1:21.556 28 laps
16. Montagny Force India-Ferrari 1:21.559 65 laps
17. Nakajima Williams-Toyota 1:21.586 33 laps
18. Asmer BMW-Sauber 1:21.962 57 laps
19. Kobayashi Toyota 1:22.186 111 laps
20. Villa BMW-Sauber 1:23.583 53 laps

Wednesday's Times

1.Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes 1:19.371 73 laps
2.Coulthard Red Bull-Renault 1:19.421 80 laps
3.Massa Ferrari 1:19.761 97 laps
4.Raikkonen Ferrari 1:19.779 87 laps la Rosa McLaren-Mercedes 1:19.887 62 laps
6.Piquet Renault 1:19.982 71 laps
7.Klien Force India-Ferrari 1:20.187 86 laps
8.Vettel Toro Rosso-Ferrari 1:20.398 57 laps
9.Fisichella Force India-Ferrari 1:20.470 102 laps
10.Kubica BMW-Sauber 1:20.487 118 laps
11.Glock Toyota 1:20.523 54 laps12.Bourdais Toro Rosso-Ferrari 1:20.533 75 laps
13.Rosberg Williams-Toyota 1:20.671 66 laps
14.Zuber Super Aguri-Honda 1:20.897 109 laps
15.Webber Red Bull-Renault 1:20.944 41 laps
16.Hulkenberg Williams-Toyota 1:21:068 67 laps
17.Davidson Super Aguri-Honda 1:21:076 74 laps
18.Barrichello Honda 1:21:184 103 laps
19.Kobayashi Toyota 1:21:699 118 laps
20.Heidfeld BMW-Sauber 1:22.875 93 laps

Thursday's Times
1. Kubica BMW-Sauber 1:19.157 87 laps
2. Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes 1:19.331 64 laps
3. Massa Ferrari 1:19.333 68 laps
4. Webber Red Bull-Renault 1:19.605 63 laps
5. Glock Toyota 1:19.687 40 laps
6. de la Rosa McLaren-Mercedes 1:19.787 75 laps
7. Piquet Renault 1:19.834 90 laps
8. M.Schumacher Ferrari 1:19.885 67 laps
9. Barrichello Honda 1:19.905 89 laps
10. Heidfeld BMW-Sauber 1:20.125 87 laps
11. Rosberg Williams-Toyota 1:20.301 65 laps
12. Vettel Toro Rosso-Ferrari 1:20.339 56 laps
13. Bourdais Toro Rosso-Ferrari 1:20.507 55 laps
14. Trulli Toyota 1:20.775 99 laps
15. Nakajima Williams-Toyota 1:20.802 39 laps
16. Filippi Super Aguri-Honda 1:20.915 83 laps
17. Coulthard Red Bull-Renault 1:21.055 62 laps
18. Sato Super Aguri-Honda 1:21.093 79 laps
19. Liuzzi Force India-Ferrari 1:21.194 76 laps
20. R.Schumacher Force India-Ferrari 1:21.853 71 laps

Friday's Times

1. Vettel Toro Rosso-Ferrari 1:18.213 100 laps
2. Kubica BMW-Sauber 1:18.410 119 laps
3. Rosberg Williams-Toyota 1:18.796 97 laps
4. M.Schumacher Ferrari 1:19.136 58 laps
5. Nakajima Williams-Toyota 1:19.611 76 laps
6. Glock Toyota 1:19.961 58 laps
7. Massa Ferrari 1:20.000 45 laps
8. Bourdais Toro Rosso-Ferrari 1:20.033 87 laps
9. Trulli Toyota 1:20.229 69 laps
10. Coulthard Red Bull-Renault 1:20.657 72 laps
11. Davidson Super Aguri-Honda 1:20.821 102 laps
12. Sato Super Aguri-Honda 1:21.092 84 laps
13. Asmer BMW-Sauber 1:21.333 80 laps
14. Van der Garde Force India-Ferrari 1:22.321 81 laps
15. Rodriguez Force India-Ferrari 1:22.508 82 laps

-2007 FIA Gala-

At Friday's prize giving ceremony the driver's championship's third, second and champion were awarded along with the constructors of F1, WRC and WTCC among many of the other awards. Also the recipient of the FIA Gold Medal this year was Mario Andretti. One of the four to ever receive it since the award was launched back at 04.

The Expected and the UNexpected: Results of the Hearings

-The Expected-

Sorry it took me this long but after all I was waiting for the result of both of the hearings since it's only a day apart. Before the hearing, F1 fans around the world have been endlessly debating, arguing, speculating on what Renault's fate might be. A lot were rooting for the idea of Renault not penalized, but if they do, only a sort of light tap on the wrist since if fined $100 million, they might just pull out, the FIA wouldn't want that, would they? Well, Renault walked away like McLaren did, the first time around that is.

The hearing on the 5th saw Renault go without any sanctions imposed because tehre was insufficient evidence of Renault gaining a competitive edge from being in possession of McLaren data. Duh! Judging from their performance this year, a competitive edge they were missing in the first place... The first half of the season, the car was on a fritz. The second half saw better, but not as good as it takes to vie with McLaren for podium spots.

To be exact, out of the four drawings, three were of no use. While the fourth drawing, the so called "J damper" Renault admitted to taking into account "in preparing a request to the FIA for a clarification of whether a particular hypothetical system was within the rules (rather than for the purposes of copying it). The fact that Renault fundamentally misunderstood the operation of the system suggests that the 'J-damper' drawing did not reveal to Renault enough about the system for the championship to have been affected." To think I just thought that they might have copied by mistake the whole 06 Merc instead of the 07 one from how they sucked. Macca fans I know for one are not so happy about this.

Unless new evidence comes to light, the decision would stay that way. Now that this mess has been taken care of, I'm wondering, would McLaren pull a Ferrari and try to make Renault pay?

-The Annoyingly Maybe Not So UNexpected-

The second hearing on the 6th was for McLaren and the validity of their 08 car. The WMSC met up in Monaco (the same place where the hearing for Renault was held) to discuss the FIA Technical Department's report. Now brace yourselves, guess what? The WMSC have decided to call an EGM in Paris on February 14th, next year where McLaren, Ferrari, and the other teams can present their views on the report. McLaren's team present at the upcoming "extraordinary general meeting" better wear their lucky undies, bring their lucky charms, rabbit foots or anything else because potentially damning results is not an option for them, after all, it'd be a month from the start of the new season... To fill my normal dose of bashing, I'd bring it out on the FIA, the definition and pinnacle of III, Incompetent Inconsistent Idiots. I'd be a year older by the time Macca's fate would be known. *It's a limbo we just got kicked into...* In the mean time, who's up for guesses?

Dear Daddy Bernie...Love Fisico

-War Of Words-

After Bernie's little "time's up for Ralf and Fisi" comment, on his official website, Fisico has hit back! Well normally people just ignore Mr. E but in the latest case, Fisi must have felt the need to defend himself:

Dear Bernie,
I read with interest your interview in Auto Moto und Sport, faithfully published by your own web site. You are the father of Formula One and like a father you have talked about your children, including me. I wanted to remind you dear daddy, I mean dear Bernie, that I am the one who won the first Grand Prix in Melbourne in 2005 with Renault and therefore I was the one who first discovered the R25 as a winning car. In the two seasons I spent alongside Alonso, in full agreement with the strategies of my Team, I have contributed to two constructor titles, taking home the fourth place in the drivers’championship, just like Massa this year. Given the circumstances I believe I could not do any better. In 2007 Renault promised me a championship winning car, but this has not been the case and for this I did not get demoralized! Next week, in fact, I will bring my enthusiasm and my experience to Force India, a young team with an “old heart” just like Giancarlo Fisichella who has still some talent to show!

Giancarlo Fisichella.

What's with the excusing? I must admit, it's a good read (well it has all gone quiet so to have something like this to pop up is great fun), entertainment wise that is. But if one is confident that his time is not up, why does he need to lash F1's supremo? Well here's to a hope of "war of words" between Mr. E and Fisi. I can't wait to hear what Bernie has to say...

-Schumi Can Return To Racing, Duh...-

The latest on the "We back Schumi To Return (Sorta)" happens to be former F1 champion Alan Jones. Just because of his times that topped the time sheets, a lot speculated that the Schum would return to F1 and while a lot of figures of this sport goes "he still can race!" Well we get it for freak sake. He's still good and fast. It would be nice if he comes back I have to admit but he has said repeatedly irrevocable is irrevocable. I wonder how many times Schumi would have to reiterate that his decision to retire is final...or will he come back? Got the itch again Schu?

-Be Nice Grub Or You're Toast!-

According to reports, Ferd was paid to only say nice things about McLaren, either that or he wouldn't be a free agent available to sign with anyone he wants and facing the courts. I guess after hearing his unusual acknowledgment of the team and Lew after the announcement that he's not with McLaren anymore, people start to speculate. And why wouldn't they? It was a sudden u-turn to what he has been blasting out during the second half of the season... Now it's a good change to see Alonso shut up and not blow bonkers outta his mouth by saying nada about the latest rumors surrounding him BUT RD on the other hand HASN'T learned that lesson by blasting Ferd's ego as bigger than Senna's. Dear God Ron, be nice!

-The (Too Darn Quiet) Driver's Market and Reports-

As of now, Kovy is still without a seat and BMW will have a shoot out of two drivers for the test seat that was vacated by Timo Glock (who was released early to test for Toyota in Jerez), Marko Asmer and Javier Villa. As for our favorite to talk about, Fernando Alonso, according to reports, his decision would be made early next week, keeping in mind that the hearing is in a few days. As for the rumor of his talks with RBR, Dietrich said they've got "four drivers under contract." And note the other rumor that Alonso had a seat fitting at Honda, they (Honda) denied it too. By the way heads of Williams AGAIN said "Nico is not for sale." Yeah we get it. Tell me when you ARE gonna sell him.

-The Dude Who Bagged Three Awards-

So it's been a week for Lew, first he bagged ALL three awards at the Autosport Awards. The first ever to have brought home all three: Rookie of the Year Award, the British Competition Driver and International Racing Driver Trophies. Then he impressed a lot with his driving on Top Gear. Even though his time of 1:44:7 didn't beat the Stig's 1:44:4, we still have to note that it was wet and his approach to the 2nd to last corner was spectacular, in the words of Andy Wilman (the show's executive producer) "the world is governed by the rules of physics, but he just seems to have his own set." Seems not like a fair circumstance? No problem, he vows to come back when it's dry and try again. I'll be waiting to see the times.

But just as some respect finally made it's way into me for him, it got slightly washed down the drain by his other vow:

"I am going to be fitter, stronger and more experienced, ready to take that next step up and be Champion. I have time on my side to win many titles. If I get the opportunity to break Michael's record then I will go for it. Michael was a phenomenal driver but for me, Ayrton Senna was the greatest ever. If I could get one World Championship that would be great; if I could three, the same number as Ayrton did, that would be a dream. But I want to be the best driver there has ever been."

Alright alright you wanna be great like the Schum and the driver whom you think is best, Senna. Fine but save it till you win it boy, you haven't. At least remember to be a tad bit realistic, Nick surely is with his 08 expectations...

-Ralf and Fisi's Force India Test-

People people, two of F1's over-30 veterans will be testing for that Force India seat that seems to be on fire right now. Ralf ended 3 years of crap with Toyota to find not a seat offer for next year. So now he's gunning after Force India. Downgrade. Fisi on the other hand, he is contracted by Renault till the end of this year but his faith next year there depends on Ferd's move. Poor Fisi, he is given the permission to explore his options...and he goes to Force India. Downgrade again.

So it poses the question, is Force India (in some veterans case) a transition phase to retirement? A place for their star to die? Apparently it seems like it. If Fisi or Ralf joins Force India, chances are, they will be out of the game pretty darn soon. If they are to retire, wouldn't they want to do it with a bit more dignity than you get there? Fisi still has a glimmer of hope with Renault but for how long?

Note: That makes SEVEN drivers after that seat: Ralf Schumacher, Giancarlo Fisichella, Christian Klien, Tonio Liuzzi, Franck Montagny, Giedo van der Garde and Roldan Rodriguez.

-Sour Grapes?-

In DC's latest column for ITV F1, may I say it wasn't what I was expecting to hear from him. Kazuki Nakajima messed up and his mechanics better have health insurance I get it but apparently cutting off his line after overtaking him also was a major contributing reason to his thinking that the rookie is not ready for F1. Although I do agree with the 'Finishing School' comment.

"I found myself running a heavy fuel-load on worn tyres as Kazuki Nakajima's Williams came through the field. Nakajima passed me on the outside into Turn One, which was fair enough, but there was no need for him to cut across the front of me afterwards. In fact we agree in drivers' briefings not to move across the front of somebody during braking because cars get airborne that way. Now I'm conscious that my words will be seen as the racing old boy getting overtaken by the new guy, but this sort of thing tends to happen less between more experienced drivers. Driving standards in GP2 (the F1 feeder series that Nakajima raced in for most of 2007) are generally pretty wild. But there should be a higher standard that some of these rookie drivers need to meet before they are allowed to race in F1. Nakajima later ran down some of his mechanics and I think they spent a night in hospital. I'm sure he was sorry, but when was the last time you saw Kimi, Lewis or Fernando run down his mechanics? My team-mate Mark Webber said recently, 'F1 is not a finishing school' and I totally agree."

Now don't get me wrong, I have respect for the veteran but that little whack on Nakajima I can't help but ponder on the fact that it sounded a bit like sour grapes. His reasoning sounds quite right, yes but it has a bit of a sour tone to it. What do you think?