Start the Countdown!!!

-The Traction Control Clubbies Moving Sides-

As highlighted at last week's entry, three drivers have been vocal about the ban of TC, but on the anti side. First up, Flippi (Felipe Massa) just switched sides. He's now happy without traction control. And looky here, Nick turned 180 too. If my memory serves me right, he was quite vocal about the Fuji race still commencing under such situations. And to think he has to return there this year without TC and he's happy about that. Well this should be fun.

-It's Official, Fisi's Off to Force India-

It continues in his quest to stay in a game that is obvious he can not for long hold on to. It has been confirmed that Force India has signed the 34 year old Roman who may be fizzling out after Rodriguez first blew the bubble to the press. Now if someone would start the countdown to his ultimate exit out of competing in F1...with his little warning to his bosses: "Make no mistake, we are not going to win a race or even finish on the podium."

-BMW F1.08-


-Red Bull RB4-

-Toyota's TF108-


-Wurz Joins Honda Whaaaaaaaaa???-

In a surprising move (considering people thought he'd either be commenting on Austrian F1 TV coverage or be consultant to Williams), Honda has fished another fish, Wurz as their test (and reserve) driver. First they lured and hooked Ross and now this. Something's brewin' there!

***At least someone's, no wait everyone's doin better than Ralfie boy who like Klien doesn't get that they might as well pack up and ship out. Fisi got a drive (prolonging the inevitable) and Wurz got another job. Liuzzi got the testing gig, at Force India. What did Ralfie boy get? An invitation from Mercedes to test for them, DTM that is...

-Timo: I Will Pave It Your Way-

He's aiming for consistency and point scoring next season just like Lewy. If that Toyota is anything like last year's then he'd probably get the back of the grid. As for points? Yeah it'd look a little something like this: 0

"I want to have the most successful season possible. I aim to be consistent and to help the team move upwards. My first goal will be to regularly challenge for points and I believe we will be able to do that. Even though I have not raced in Formula 1 since 2004, I have tested quite regularly so I expect it will take very little time for me to get back in the groove. I have been lucky enough to race and succeed in several different championships in my career but my goal has always been to become a full-time Formula 1 race driver. I believe my experience has made me stronger as a driver and as a person."

-Ferrari. Ferrari. Feeeeeeeee"I Will Make It Clearer Than Crystal"rrari-

Whitmarsh may be walking around going "What 07???" but Ferrari, they're on a quest to make things brilliant crystal clear:
-New boss Stefano went on record saying something like ready to move on but will take time to recover from. (Still whinny...?) Alright, alright g.o.t i.t.
-Luca, need anyone say anymore?
-Jean Todt, why he chose Kimi over Nando? His personality fits better with the team.
-As mentioned before Massa sees no problem with the ban of TC, making it a 180 turn from what he said previously, he's ready to fight and sees no problem with Kimi carrying the #1 on his car. Since when?
-Kimi. The obvious. Wants to win both title, sees main threat from McLaren, no hurry to commit further to Ferrari yet, expects to improve, happy to have Schu at his disposal, and drew first blood to Ferrari on the first day of testing at Jerez.
-And they finally defined Schu's role in Ferrari. Development and test driver. "I deal with the development of the car inside Gestione Sportiva. We haven't yet scheduled the days when I'll drive the car, nothing's decided. We'll evaluate depending on the situations: if the team need me to, I'd like to drive, but not too often."

-Blundell: Massa for the Title-

He believes. Why? Because Massa with the edge of knowing the structures within the team along with his relationship with Michael Schumacher might actually bring him the title says Marty.

"I think Massa has the potential to give Lewis [Hamilton], Kimi [Raikkonen], and everyone else a big headache this year. I think he's got a real chance of pulling off a world title. He's done his homework in the time he's been at Ferrari. He's learned from Michael [Schumacher], he supported Kimi well last year, and the team has supported him in return with a new contract. I think Ferrari will give him everything he needs to go for the championship this season and I think he could do it."

Has he been following the news? Ferrari said the drivers would be given equal opportunity until someone shows that he clearly has the better shot at the WDC then the full backing goes to him. But seeing Massa winning it, I don't know, I just don't see it. Like the folks over at said, do they just go around and ask people who'd win and write whatever crazy stuff comes?

-DC: F1 Doesn't Miss Schumacher (Michael that is)-

"I think life moves on. There will be people who do miss certain aspects of Michael. He was such a large part of my career and trying to beat him was obviously very difficult. To reminisce of my best championship year, I finished second, and I finished second to him. So if he had just never been born then maybe it could have been different! But that is life. With Michael, you knew that he was one of the best, if not the best there has ever been, and if you were able to beat him then that was a big sense of achievement. Could he come back? He is fit and he is quick, there should be no surprises there. Would he come back? I don't see why he would if you have made the decision to stop."

Another one of those DC days. I wonder if he did the same expression he did while criticizing Ferrari saying "how do you forget to put fuel in?"

-Jense Eyes Title In 09-

"I think we'll be a lot closer to the front in 2008 and in 2009 we have to be fighting for the championship. If we can get to that position with a good car, then this team will win the championship. As a team we are very, very strong. I'm so happy that we've got Ross. When he first walked into the team, there was the biggest round of applause I've ever seen. On his own he's not going to turn the team around but I think that everyone is positive and doing a great job. He's fitted in quicker than everyone imagined and the way of working in the team has changed a lot already."

Heh that soon, maybe a bit more patient boy. Winning in 09? It takes more than 2 years to turn a complete and utter shipwreck into a battle worthy piece!

-Red Bull Brings In NASCAR Manager-
They just hired Jay Frye of Ginn Racing. Sorry what? Heh*? Oh General Manager. As long as it's not team boss.

*It's just that everytime I hear Nascar, I flinch a bit.

-Pipe Down Bub-

"I could not have imagined him signing with a midfield team. When he started acting the diva, more and more line-ups became occupied and some doors for him were even locked. Me, I did wonder about where he would end up."

The season hasn't even started and this pippy already shouts. It's not like he's lying but there is no need to say such words. Even a newbie in F1 knows better than that. Still bitter over being passed all those years while Nando got the chance to race up against Schu?
My he looks like Jense...with glasses.

-Engine Freeze Shortened to Five Years-

Yup cutting it in half and talks of budget capping has popped up for consideration after the meeting the FIA called with the team principals since lets face it, ten years would doom the sport. And the aim of it all, for them to draw up a new engine concept that is to be *drum rolls*...greener with provisional engine regulations to be presented within the next two years. Oh don't tell me in a few years it'd be a bunch of 07 Hondas running around. The idea of cutting five from ten just sounds like making dumber dumb.

-Williams to Test Six Different Liveries-

A prolonged launch perhaps?

-Jerez Times-

Day 1
01 K. Räikkönen Ferrari 01:19.846 59 laps
02 F. Massa Ferrari 01:20.123 42 laps
03 P. de la Rosa McLaren 01:20.548 54 laps
04 S. Vettel Scuderia Toro Rosso 01:20.732 40 laps
05 H. Kovalainen McLaren 01:20.936 48 laps
06 S. Bourdais Scuderia Toro Rosso 01:20.997 47 laps
07 N. Rosberg Williams 01:21.143 47 laps
08 J. Trulli Toyota 01:21.314 84 laps
09 N. Piquet jr. Renault 01:21.696 41 laps
10 D. Coulthard Red Bull 01:21.746 49 laps
11 V. Liuzzi Force India F1 01:23.035 44 laps
12 K. Nakajima Williams 01:23.134 42 laps
13 T. Glock Toyota 01:24.351 56 laps
14 J. Rossiter Super Aguri 01:34.862 10 laps

Only During the Off Seasons........../After a Two Week Break

-Paging Mommies! Please Report to "Hold - Your - (Driver) Son's - Hand - During - Wet - Races"!!!-

>Okay the title may be a bit harsh but I just can't resist to poke a jab at it.<

Recently, divers have opened up dialogue over safety under wet/Fuji-like conditions. Apparently they are very afraid with the loss of TC when races like Fuji come (FYI Fuji's still on the calender next year).
Driver's who are concerned (as far as I can remember):
- DC (gettin' old there ehh?)
- Flippi, sorry Felipe Massa
- Jense (give up the Honda Magic Eight Ball already)

Now don't get me wrong I know it is worth safety concerns but after reviewing the list of drivers who have been vocal about it, I just can't help do I put it, oh right:
- DC: Great driver but his time is gettin' close. Maybe worried about the heat? Sounds like the reason why he is the driver that he is is because of the electronics...
- Massa: Many have debated he really isn't "all that" but wins regardless because he's in a Ferrari. So when the tough gets goin', the mouth gets shootin'. When thinking about it, it does make sense that (especially after you admitted you're rubbish without TC) one would try to make circumstances easier... But well, it's just wishful thinking on mine and some followers of the sport's part...
- Jense: What is left to say here? Car after car he gets are most all talk and no walk. He should be worried.

The thing is with the removal of technology, it calls for more skills to come into play, like the old days (oh where did those days go?). Separating men from boys. Like what Mad Max said (I'm starting to like him a little more), you drive slower and you'd be fine, besides, driving in the wet with or without TC is dangerous anyways...

"Driving in the wet is quite dangerous - with or without traction control. It's dangerous in the sense that you're likely to go off but you're less likely to hurt yourself because the speeds will be lower. That was always the theory of the grooved tyre because you reduced the grip and the severity of the accident. Imagine, in the most extreme circumstances, holding the British Grand Prix at Silverstone on packed snow - nobody would get hurt because nobody would ever get up to enough speed to do any damage! It will make it more difficult in the wet - but it's difficult in the wet anyway. And people forget, even the least competent F1 driver is still amazingly good at what he does. And it won't cause any of them much trouble."

-The Ferrari F2008-


-The McLaren MP4-23-
After saying they won't have a launch, they decided otherwise. 'Ohh we're not gonna have a launch, no wait, second thought, we will.'
*I don't know about you but it looks like they re-launched last year's car.


-Heikki, You On Crack?-
Well, well, well.
He a) expects no problem with his new teammate.
b) expects equal treatment.
c) thinks McLaren have treated their drivers equally in the past ( do I even have to refer back to McLaren's history with their drivers???).
d) thinks he and Lew can fight on track and laugh about if off. Maybe up till by any chance you start to kick his ass... Especially with Jense predicting you'd be in the running for the title... 7 letters: t-e-n-s-i-o-n.
Note to Heikki, Lew was quoted saying "I'm almost seen as the leader of the team".
I feel like I'm about to feel sorry for him...

-Who Knocked You With Sense?-
Alonso in a surprising move has admitted that the title talk is "madness". Wow.

"Today that idea is madness. You have to be realistic and this year they (Renault) were a long way behind and it's too big a leap. But everything is possible, they have to make the car better. We opted for Renault because it is the most optimistic choice for 2008 and with possibilities to do good things. However, every team has to make a huge step up in quality for next year because McLaren and Ferrari won all the races this year. I didn't know whether to stay at McLaren or what I was going to do. We looked at everything and in the end we decided it would be better to go our separate ways. From there I started looking for teams. Almost all the teams approached me, but not Ferrari. It wouldn't be right to say that I want to sign for Ferrari barely a fortnight after I signed for Renault but of course it would be nice if I could go there one day."

-Toyota Boss Gives Two Year Deadline-
Good 'ol Tad (Tadashi Yamashina) has given Toyota until 2010 to shape up or ship out. Since Rottweiler Mike left after their '05 88 points watermark, they have been the epidemy of laughter. With the 'Toyota Way' that relies on group dynamics rather than a figure-head show, yeah sure IN A MILLION YEARS. It took Ferrari a few years to shape up, with the right people. Now in Toyota who's going on without the right strategies/people implemented, 2 years seem too high up in the bloody sky! Is it too early to say goodbye?
*At least Trulli still believes in them (looking for a bonus?)...

-F1's Yoda Speaks-
Jean Todt in an interview recently said that there is little to choose between Kimi and Nando but believes Raikkonen is the better option for Ferrari (so what does that settle?). Good thing he mentions Kimi's happy there.

"Is Kimi better or worse than Alonso? I cannot answer that. For me, both are excellent race drivers. It is the car that makes the difference. I selected Kimi, because his character fits our team better. Kimi is happy with Ferrari. He loves driving. We know that he does not like certain things, and that is why we don't request those of him. Racing drivers are only employees, but they are the workers with the most pressure. If they do not function right, then that has far larger consequence for the company than if the receptionist does not do a good job. Therefore I try to arrange the life of the drivers to be as pleasant as possible. Up to now I can say that always, if we asked gently Kimi to do something, he did it."

-FIA Confirms 2008 Entry List-

Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro
1. Kimi Raikkonen
2. Felipe Massa

BMW Sauber F1 Team
3. Nick Heidfeld
4. Robert Kubica

ING Renault F1 Team
5. Fernando Alonso
6. Nelson Piquet

AT&T Williams
7. Nico Rosberg
8. Kazuki Nakajima

Red Bull Racing
9. David Coulthard
10. Mark Webber

Panasonic Toyota Racing
11. Jarno Trulli
12. Timo Glock

Scuderia Toro Rosso
14. Sebastien Bourdais
15. Sebastian Vettel

Honda Racing F1 Team
16. Jenson Button
17. Rubens Barrichello

Super Aguri F1 Team
18. Takuma Sato

19. Anthony Davidson

Force India Formula One Team
20. Adrian Sutil
21. TBA

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes
22. Lewis Hamilton
23. Heikki Kovalainen

-Cars Related/Talks About Next Year/Stuff That Is Too Small To Get Its Own Section-

>Launch Dates:
January 6 - Ferrari F1 2008, Fiorano, Italy
January 7 - McLaren MP4-23, Stuttgart, Germany
January 10 - Toyota TF108, Cologne, Germany
January 14 - BMW Sauber F1.08, Munich, Germany
January 16 - Red Bull RB4, Jerez, Spain
January 29 - Honda RA108, Brackley, UK
January 31 - Renault R28, Paris, France

>STR's starting the 08 season with last year's car, and Seb V ain't worried believing they can maintain the second half of last year's season form. Okay seems far fetched.

>The season hasn't even started and people, figure heads of F1 are already going "ohh Lewis will take it" or "Fernando can do it" or "watch out for Nelsinho!" How long before they sell Team Lewis/Nelsinho and Team Fernando Ts???

>Ferrari's 08 car would be completely new. Not an evolution, a revolution. Or is it the other way round?

>BMW target maiden victory. Good for you! *waits to cheer BMW on*

>Williams say no to car launch. Figures, saves money...

-The Driver's Tales (I Got Nothing Better to Say/In Other News)-

>Schu was offered Todt's job...and declined. Smart move...

>Fisi rules out paying to drive (and is reported to have signed a 400,000 euros per season deal with FI). “I do not pay to drive, I get paid to drive." No wonder we haven't heard a peep from Force India... 'Do we hire him or not? He brings not money but can pay off with experience, ooooorr do we risk it (again) with new blood???' Ehh you said you'd decide by Christmas. Christmas WENT BY ALREADY!!!

>Ant certain to keep his Super Aguri seat apparently... Hhhhhm so what with the rumours?