You'd Have To Buy My Team If You Want Nico, 22 million quids anyone (Ron)?

-Prodrive is a No Drive Folks-

Now if you're an F1 nutter you would know that Prodrive's application to race in F1 next season was accepted out of a few but then (yes a then), THEN Williams (who is not so happy about Prodrive using a full fledged 'customer car,' engine and chassis built by McLaren) did a I-may-use-another's-engine-but-I-ain't-happy legal challenge. Of course this matter could and would have been taken care of early on but no, it was dragged on and on.

Weeks later, we finally got a clarification, when it is clear that they will not be able to place a car on the 08's grids that is. Note that the current Concorde Agreement currently basically says no to the use of the same cars manufactured by a fellow just a few garages down from you in the pit lane at the same year... So basically DR's team would race, in 09 if they're lucky. Which brings the question, would they get fined? I remember a while ago Toyota dropping out and getting fined (well who cares, their pockets are deep). But one can argue on the virtue of Max's promise that Prodrive would be allowed to race even though on customer cars... Which will it be?

-Barney On the Attack! Beware of the Purple Gloop! No Wait, it's Just Bernie On the British GPs...-

Part 1
First he slammed Silverstone (on time might I add for his monthly rants on circuits...) saying "Britain is supposed to be
the heart of Formula One racing and our circuit is bottom of the list. With a tiny percentage of what the government are wasting on the Olympics, they could support Silverstone. They know exactly what they have to do. They've known for at least five years. It's not for us to say where the money comes from but it's strange because most of the events we have now are supported by governments." Firstly, why don't you kick Monaco out? It's useless, it's boring, it's absolutely a draaaaag to watch. Secondly, how bout YOU shell out some moolah from YOUR own £2,243 m pocket? It won't cost ya that much (like you said) and b'sides, you'd be getting extra money from that auction of your 50 very rare cars...

Part 2
After having his share of fun on Silverstone, he moved on to London. He said that a race in London would be a money spinner (true, a Piccadilly circus background and fast cars whooshing past by the river makes for a nice scene). Again he poked around at the you-are-focussing-too-much-on-the-olympics-when-you-can-spend-less-and-
gain-more-through-F1 stick. Come on Mr. E, be a bit (who am I kidding?)...

-The Drivers Market: Grumpy Gramps Wants That Macca Seat-

>>>Grumpy Gramps also known as Ralf Schumacher to some<<<
His really really bad days of Toyota logs ended by Brazil this year. Okay fine, good, thanks, bye! But now, he is without drive and without sizzle... Not to mention he thinks he's perfect for the coveted McLaren seat. Wait. McLaren never even contacted him... Nothing to speculate here folks, move along...

>>>Ferd the Blurb, Biding His Time<<<
*silence* Alright for the sake of filling the space, reports say that he is vacationing in Spain, location unknown while his manager starts to sound like he needs to be replaced by the Flav. Oh speaking of the Flav, he reportedly said Ferd will be back in his arms in two days time, the second time. 6 days have passed, nothing. Ferd wants one year to be free when Kimi's contract expires, Ghosn wants 3. You gotta get your money's worth...

Let's take the Tritter plot line from the TV show House, it bares a very good lesson... The longer you hold out, the sooner your chances go. This may be to someone in Alonso's camp a way to make it happen in Renault, the psych games... But they are a team that is capable of getting good drivers. It's only because of Flav that Renault hasn't lost interest in him. If Flav wasn't there, don't you agree that they would have said "adios" to Ferd by now? He's in no condition to bargain. If he loses Renault, he would have to take a mid fielder team, or worse, chase after that damn Spyker seat that seems to be so hot right now. Then his chances of getting into Ferrari goes from a teensy itsy bitsy chance to well you get the picture...

Two time champ or not, when you take too long, it annoys people, so they pull out. Patience may be a virtue but if you tug on it too much, well... When most of the field has been decided, doesn't that signal for you to start so? The longer he takes, the less room he gets...

DC also said the door to Red Bull for Alonso is closed. When DC speaks, it never hurts to tune in. BUT in his latest entry for his column in ITV F1, I only found myself making it as far as one fourth of the darn thing. It may be just because it was a Sunday, lazy day, or maybe something about it. Who knows...

>>>The Empty McLaren #2 Single Seater<<<
Bottom line, Nico is the number one choice to replace Ferd at Macca. The thing is, Williams are not so willing to let him go. Reports claim that at 22 million quids, there might be a chance but Patrick said "No way!" and Sir F. Williams said "If I sold Rosberg, I'd sell the team." Keke ain't so happy about the idea of Nico to Macca either. This time around, daddy knows best...

-Slicks Gonna Go Grubbin' at Jerez Testing-

The last we saw of the slick rubber tyres was ten years ago. But they will be supplied by Bridgestone for the Jerez testing for data collection, keeping in mind that in 09, "bye bye grooves" is very likely... It's all about more stability and grip with these slicks. It was kicked out because, well you're already going fast on that V10 then. But now that we stepped back into V8s, hhm... Did I mention that there was a suggestion for tyre warmers to be banned? Crazy....

Bye Bye V10s: check
Spy Scandal: check
Engine freeze: check
Tyre Warmers Ban: ???

-Schu Wins Massa's Charity Kart Event-

Yup that's right. The King came and showed us he still knows how to drive. The seven time champ won race one but lost out in race 2 when he found out he basically had no brakes finishing sixth but rounding a total of 35 points, enough to give him overall victory by two points from second place dude, Luciano Burti. Last year's winner, the event organizer himself Felipe Massa was still happy even though he came in fifth overall. After saying he (Schu) would happily return next year to defend his title, Massa offered and he immediately accepted.

Race 1:

Pos Driver Time

1. Michael Schumacher 21:59.406
2. Nelsinho Piquet + 5.687
3. Luciano Burti + 5.737
4. Rubens Barrichello + 8.147
5. Lucas Di Grassi + 8.218
6. Marcos Gomes + 9.090
7. Felipe Massa + 16.328
8. Thiago Camilo + 16.548
9. Ricardo Zonta + 18.736
10. Tony Kanaan + 19.107
11. Enrique Bernoldi + 22.220
12. Vitor Meira + 22.616
13. Ricardo Mauricio + 29.499
14. Caca Bueno + 34.065
15. Popo Bueno + 34.252
16. Tarso Marques + 36.523
17. Roberto Pupo Moreno + 36.703
18. Xandinho Negrao + 1 lap
19. Gil de Ferran + 1 lap
20. Antonio Pizzonia + 10 laps
21. Felipe Giaffone + 10 laps
22. Rodrigo Sperafico + 12 laps
23. Alexandre Barros + 31 laps

Fastest lap: Rubens Barrichello, 40.681 seconds

Race 2:

Pos Driver Time

1. Lucas Di Grassi 22:12.328
2. Luciano Burti + 3.506
3. Felipe Massa + 4.579
4. Rubens Barrichello + 4.775
5. Marcos Gomes + 6.674
6. Michael Schumacher + 7.087
7. Felipe Giaffone + 7.273
8. Antonio Pizzonia + 11.157
9. Tony Kanaan + 16.198
10. Vitor Meira + 21.943
11. Enrique Bernoldi + 23.248
12. Rodrigo Sperafico + 24.042
13. Ricardo Zonta + 29.616
14. Roberto Pupo Moreno + 30.973
15. Luca Badoer + 31.273
16. Popo Bueno + 31.416
17. Nelsinho Piquet + 1 lap
18. Ricardo Mauricio + 1 lap
19. Tarso Marques + 1 lap
20. Thiago Camilo + 2 laps
21. Caca Bueno + 12 laps
22. Alexandre Barros + 13 laps
23. Gil de Ferran + 14 laps
24. Xandinho Negrao + 23 laps

Fastest lap: Michael Schumacher, 40.956 seconds

Final standings:

Pos Driver Points

1. Michael Schumacher 35
2. Luciano Burti 33
3. Lucas di Grassi 31
4. Rubens Barrichello 26
5. Felipe Massa 24
6. Marcos Gomes 21
7. Nelson Piquet 20
8. Tony Kanaan 13
9. Ricardo Zonta 12
9. Enrique Bernoldi 10
9. Vitor Meira 10
12. Felipe Giaffone 9
13. Thiago Camilo 8
13. Antonio Pizzonia 8
15. Ricardo Sperafico 4
16. Ricardo Maurício 3
17. Caca Bueno 2
17. Roberto Pupo Moreno 2
19. Popo Bueno 1
19. Luca Badoer 1
21. Tarso Marques 0
21. Xandinho Negrao 0
21. Gil de Ferran 0
21. Alexandre Barros 0

My Contemplation (I know it's never good, but hear me out folks)

Okay heck I'll admit it. After qualy in Brazil I thought "It's over, I'll just go to sleep tomorrow during the race and dream about pink bunnies, beats watching Kimi being beaten again and Lew with the crown on his head sambaing his way up the podium." But curiosity got the better of me and I tuned in anyways (yeah Bernie you can keep on smiling, you're still grabbing money from me!). When Lew got pushed out by Ferd, one (who's never been a fan of the unibrow) can only think "I need to give him more credit." Credit for Stepneygate another might add? Oh wait, that was more of Pedal de La 'Fiddle' Eeek's fault than it is of the door slammer's. My bad. So kudos.

So after seeing a glimmer bit of hope, at the back of my mind it says "The Kimster can do it" and "Lewis choke please" oh and of course "Masswarf (okay maybe I gotta stop calling this one names too... *My New Year's Resolutions is pilling up...* How bout "Sweet Talking (Portugese) Felipe?"), (alright, alright, alright) 'wiggle Felipe, keep Alonso at bay please!" I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Bananas Lew slowing down and thought I knocked my head on the wall or something (oh there's another bunyon *yay, not* *chips dropping outta my mouth from hanging it open too long*). So happy ending for Kimi fans, finally.

And now after the race, is it me or did someone hit a vocabulary guide across Kimi's face? Or is it the job of one hell of a pr guru (no I'm not talking about Matt Bishop)? Can you believe how much he's saying? I.e. "so happy it hurts", "in love with the Ferrari team", "want to feel this joy again one more time." To think when asked about the F2007, the unibrow and fiddle knows more than his "it's red and shiny, it's really nice and it goes fast." Don't get me wrong. After the very messy and complicated second half of the season it has been, a little serene simplicity from the Kimster is much appreciated now that you think about it... Bottom line, Home Run people, Home Run (a smile cracked out too, Smile Boy, SMILE!). Ferd the Blurb ain't doin so bad himself, thesaurus wise with those synonyms that is: “a plan, a hope, an illusion, a desire” (where's the "a revenge, a scheme, the Flav?").

With such a superior package this year, why didn't McLaren win? Well besides it having something to do with Ferd the blurb and Pedal de La 'Fiddle' Eeek, no wait that's pretty much it. Oh well there's always next year with Bananas Lew...

The FIA. The Federal Institution (of) Asses. What a pendulum. Everyone loves 'em right? They are as fair as one can be. Of course that is as true as raw donkey $#!t being edible. Their decisions were unbiased, they punished fairly and got every damn details right. Now I'm tipping the line at sarcasm. The one thing the FIA is is a crappy load of brewed up $#!t. All the more and nothing less. Enough said don't you think?

Honda, Honda, Honda. You and your vegetable-car-green-and-blue-mashed-up-dough-livery junk. Heck you may not have gotten anything this year (except for engine busts up heated to the point where you can barbecue your t-bones on the most expensive grill) but walking home with the UNEP Green Awards is reward enough isn't it?

Spyker, I mean Force India. The names continue. From Jordan to Midland to Spyker to Force India. How long before it changes to Force Bumper Cars? Does that mean their drivers next year would be Indian? The name is almost as inconsistent as McLaren's Johnnie Walker Dog Fight Commercial (boy they must be kicking themselves at the fact that they have to re-shoot it again).

Now did I get to the part where the FIA allows a darn appeal to go through just to say that it's inadmissible, maybe from the fact that the appeal was submitted after 30 minutes from the posting of the race results? So McLaren might have lost the appeal by 30 minutes? Ouch! By the way, if I was Ron, I'd fire Ian Mill. The idiot brought in 2 duck eggs for McLaren while Nigel Tozzi is laughing to the bank from winning the case for Ferrari regarding the first spy scandal. Come to think of it, he can even out talk Max any day! Lawyers, pain in the a$$es, but ruthlessly efficient...

"The Toyota Way"

- One Man Show Is a No No No-

Okay so what exactly is the "Toyota way?" Well according to Ralf in another one of his "I'm in a bad mood so I'll give you $#!t if you wanna know" interviews (more reason to be after saying adios to 'em and replaced by Timo Glock) it apparently is Toyota's stubbornly dumbness of not hiring Ross or even stirring up any talks at all with the guru which is proof that they will never succeed. Ouch Ralf. A bit of a harsh note isn't it? According to him, a one man show is a no show in Toyota. Here's what he said:

"Toyota is, to my knowledge, the only team that didn't want to talk with Ross Brawn. I offered the team contact with him but there was no reaction. Not only meeting took place. The team structure is very clear and it's clearly the result of what they call 'the Toyota way'. This 'way' is why someone like Ross Brawn cannot go there. Brawn should have been a candidate, someone to strengthen the team. But Toyota don't want a one-man show."

- We Are In It To Win It!-
According to Quick Nick, BMW's stunning improvements this season would not be possible without the recent upgrades of their infrastructure and resources, i.e. money from the sponsors! Money, money, money, Ah YEAH!

Since BMW took over the Sauber team in 2005 they have been constantly upgrading putting money to doubling the team's workforce and upgrading that all and pricey might I add important wind tunnel. He for one is very optimistic of next year with their goal of winning a grand prix and hopefull
y, ultimately the F1 World title I say?

"In most areas we need to make just minor steps. This year, we lost too many points due to a lack of reliability but apart from that, there is virtually no area where I see a major backlog. We are in Formula One to win." Oh how true... At it boy!

-Someone Get Me a Translator to Interpret Flav's Words, Please!-

According to F1's prima donna who really has a hard time keeping things to himself or make
himself a tad bit easier to understand as he revealed to radio show GrParlamento by Italian news service ANSA, there is a 60% chance that Alonso would race for Renault next season.

Flav is looking to replace his two current drivers! Note to Flav: Heikki is an asset. It would be a shame for you to give him away, letting say Macca pick him up? I'll say it in Italian in case you didn't understand: Heikki è un bene. Sarebbe un peccato per lei a dargli le spalle, lasciando dire Macca cuccioli di lui? Forgive me for my crude Italian, I'm not really so fluent in it. Dispiace.

And he mentioned something about an auntie, Bangladesh, Tokyo and marriage (the one thing he might not be so keen on) or something. You can figure it out for yourself:

"Renault will definitely have different drivers next year. There is a 60 percent chance Alonso will be with us. We have an advantage (in taking Alonso) because we know him. Between today and the day after tomorrow it will be decided. When you marry, split up and get back together it is not easy. We and he have the intention of finding a solution. This week will be decisive for the marriage. He can choose and he knows us. Last year he chose McLaren and made a mistake. We often forget these are 25-year-olds who have never lived their youths. They'd prefer to stay at home with their auntie than to go doing promotional work in Bangladesh or in Tokyo. Alonso knows us from a human point of view and that is important. The last season has been difficult for him. It may have even changed his personality. We'll talk, I want to see where he wants to go. At McLaren he arrived as the World Champion and he was put in competition against a rookie driver: that way the relationship inside a team is put in danger. You can't have two prima donnas inside a team. You need to get behind one of the drivers. In this phase he is not thinking of the money. He is thinking of everything except money." Ahh... Flav's man love for Ferd... Didn't he say something about a contract expiring by Tuesday a while ago?

Wow, Hold Your Horses Boy!

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Okay let me get this straight, Lewis was dating beauty queen Cemre Mirel and ventured on crazy hhhm "adventures?" Is it me or does it sound a bit whack?,18954,3213_2891038,00.html

Toyota Confirm Glock For 2008

-Glock's New Ride For 08-
Newly crowned GP2 champ, 25 year old Timo Glock who was the center of the tug of wars between BMW (as their now soon to be ex test driver) and Toyota (as their then potential 2008 driver) has finally got the green light from the CRB (Contract Recognition Board) to race for Toyota next year. Jogs your memory to when Jenson Button had overlapping double contracts a few years back ehh? This would be his return to F1 since he did compete in four grands prix for Jordan in 2004 and scored points on his debut in Canada. The deal is reported to be a multi-year deal. I wonder if he'd be any good next year in a hollow log on wheels...

-BMW's 3rd Fiddle Seat Up For Grabs!-
Now that BMW has an empty test driver seat, Dr Mario's (who's known for his eye to pick out drivers) out shopping for new drivers. As of right now they are eyeing British F3 champion Marko Asmer. But wait, they still have another possible candidate, Robert Doornbos. Yes, the dude who refers to himself as Bobby D! Thiessen said that there might be three guys out there on the scheduled shoot out at the up and coming testing at Jerez. Now, why in the world do you need to have a shoot out? I'm pretty sure you have seen their progress in there respective leagues and know what they are capable of. So what's with the need to have a darn shoot out? Just pick already!

-The Halted Driver's Market-
As of right now, we haven't heard a peep out of Fernando Alonso. Nothing! Nada! What? Is he spending time at home reflecting? And as for Heikki, he wants to stay with Renault, but is still without a seat next year. Do I hear McLaren picking up Heikki anyone?

*What a slow few days after the appeal it has been*
*Looking forward to the McLaren Appeal in December*

McLaren's Appeal Deemed Inadmissable, Talk About Salt On An Open Wound!

Yup mere minutes after I was done happy dancing (and singing Kimi got to keep his crown 3x) I got in my rss feed a title that said "McLaren awaits full FIA transcript" I thought oh God, they're gonna appeal that too?" As a formula 1 fan I can only say I am downright sick to the pit of my damn stomach. Just as I thought oh now Spygate's finally over and I can move on with the off season, here comes Spygate II! Sheesha (well hopefully you know what I'm cursing with...) !!! And then, our dear old Jean Todt, the soon to be replaced by Stefano Domenicali as Gestione Sportiva for the Scuderia, topped the cherry on the sundae with this: "The decision of the international court of appeal finally brings to an end a very intense season, both on and off the track. A final and desperate attempt to change the result obtained on the track was rejected. Now, all our efforts are focused on preparing for next season." Shift your attention to the part that said "A final and desperate attempt to change the result obtained on the track." Talk about pouring even more salt on the wounds... But hey by my books, it's "Go Jean!" Who said Todt was on his Todt? Nah I'm kidding, you gotta love the guy for b!*@hin RD who sadly should have used that $50 mil to get himself a therapist/shrink. He's practically dragging Macca into a hole, i.e. digging their own darn grave! After totaling what, 5 drivers? The F1 world, hate it or love it, it's always entertaining...
Ian Mill 1 --- Nigel Tozzi 2
McLaren 1 --- Ferrari 4

We Can All Breath Again: Kimi Gets To Keep His Crown

Yes people Kimi gets to keep his crown. YIPPEE!!!!!! Boy you have no idea how glad I am! Just when I was about to pick up that phone, book a ticket to Paris, and get a few cans of spray paint to vandalize the walls of the FIA's headquarters... Or start a petition to do some sort of damage and noise preferably. To think Nigel Tozzi (Ferrari's lawyer) had called McLaren "shameless hypocrites devoid of any integrity" and Mill half contradicting half merry-go-rounding statements. Don't look at the big picture, oh go disqualify them, what would you do if it was any other team? And poor old Martin and Norbert were left hanging out there looking like idiots for saying the point of the appeal was not to hand the crown to Lew! Equality, equality, equality, integrity, integrity, integrity, honesty, honesty, honesty, ethics, ethics, ethics, morals, morals, morals. Gee that sounds familiar, oh wait right, they are Ron's very wise *broken radio* words. Reading something that long equates to how boring it is to hear Ron say it, even though it's only mentioned once! Hhhmmm. Someone should add, "looking at the big picture. Ron already screwed up 5 drivers and a few of Macca's chances to get the crown, he needs to r-e-s-i-g-n. What the heck is next for them ahh? Ohh we want to appeal Kimi's speed during the Brazilian GP. He was too damn fast and young man, you were speeding! Oh wait, they're waiting for the full transcripts so that they can possibly appeal THAT too... Nah I'm just kidding. Senna wanted out, Mika flat out gave up, JPM flew over the pond, Kimi's hand was forced and Alonso wanted out, MID-SEASON of his first year there. Well that's one fantasy he found out isn't actually that sweet... And in other news, the CRB (Contract Recognition Board) has ruled that Timo Glock is free to drive for Toyota. The whole shebang started with him signing a deal for that vacant seat at Toyota next to Trulli next year while under contract by BMW as their test driver. Talk about tug-of-wars and a reminiscing walk down memory lane to when Button had overlapping contracts...

Dear McLaren: Where's Matt Bishop?

First if all, WHO THE IS MANAGING MCLAREN'S PR TEAM? It is a complete shipwreck, like the Titanic itself! First Martin Whitmarsh says they want clarification, fine, all you have to do is call up the FIA and ASK! But nooooo, you wanna ask with the help of your dear old lawyer Ian Mill and then bring it to court. No one on this earth brings a matter to court unless they want something in return and another's behind handed. Then after the revealing of NOT ALL fuels of the cars are checked at the end of a race rather just a random number of cars (mainly the podium finishers) and not the whole grid is another revelation!!! You just gave Nigel Tozzi a loop hole to argue on if Kimi loses his crown. Oh wait, my bad. And now McLaren fighting in a ring with merry go round facts... Fire the lawyer, hire a better one and put the Bish in effect is the way to go.

My First Entry: Dear Fernando, PICK A Team Already!

Hi and welcome to My Formula 1 Blog. This blog mainly consist of news, updates and my view of the crazy world of F1 occasionally with a dose of my rants. This week we have the winter testings kicking off with Schumi at the top of the time sheets and the drivers market somewhat halted by Ferd still having not picked a ride for next year. Oh and of course the WMSC hearing that was moved to London that will decide the outcome of the 2007 driver's crown. Well let's get moving!

-Schumi On Top of the Time Sheets AGAIN-
Yes people no worries, the King has still got it in him! Yay!!! Winter testing kicked off in Spain with the German ace topping the time sheets on Tuesday after 64 laps at 1:21:922 64. And again on Wednesday at 1:21:486. To think it took him only TWO laps to get the feeling back after 387 days from his last race back at Interlagos! Wow! Even though dear old Patrick Head's comments sent rumor mills into overdrive, the seven time world champion still has reiterated that his decision to retire is final. The King may be outta the game but he sure as hell is still the same damn fast guy he was a year ago.
Tuesday's times:
1. M.Schumacher Ferrari (B) 1:21.922 64
2. Badoer Ferrari (B) 1:22.129 76
3. de la Rosa McLaren-Mercedes (B) 1:22.687 63
4. Kovalainen Renault (B) 1:22.802 81
5. Kubica BMW-Sauber (B) 1:22.883 56
6. Paffett McLaren-Mercedes (B) 1:23.008 46
7. Nakajima Williams-Toyota (B) 1:23.187 66
8. Coulthard Red Bull-Renault (B) 1:23.332 55
9. Trulli Toyota (B) 1:23.624 46
10. Heidfeld BMW-Sauber (B) 1:23.671 75
11. Rosberg Williams-Toyota (B) 1:23.847 58
12. Montagny Toyota (B) 1:23.861 61
13. Vettel Toro Rosso-Ferrari (B) 1:24.048 77
14. Zuber Honda (B) 1:24.065 77
15. Bourdais Toro Rosso-Ferrari (B) 1:24.193 51
16. Davidson Super Aguri-Honda (B) 1:24.246 70
17. Rossiter Honda (B) 1:24.480 69
18. Chandhok Red Bull-Renault (B) 1:24.896 39
19. van der Garde Force India-Ferrari (B) 1:25.317 84
20. Rodriguez Force India-Ferrari (B) 1:26.973 87
Wednesday's times:
1. M.Schumacher Ferrari (B) 1.21.486 90
2. de la Rosa McLaren-Mercedes (B) 1:21.857 60
3. Kovalainen Renault (B) 1:21.894 65
4. Massa Ferrari (B) 1:22.044 56
5. Paffett McLaren-Mercedes (B) 1:22.293 57
6. Rosberg Williams-Toyota (B) 1:22.333 64
7. Coulthard Red Bull-Renault (B) 1:22.555 74
8. Heidfeld BMW (B) 1:22.946 102
9. Nakajima Williams-Toyota (B) 1:23.031 77
10. Vettel Toro Rosso-Ferrari (B) 1:23.187 74
11. Chandhok Red Bull-Renault (B) 1:23.255 57
12. Button Honda (B) 1:23.358 79
13. Trulli Toyota (B) 1:23.465 54
14. Kubica BMW (B) 1:23.488 37
15. Davidson Super Aguri-Honda (B) 1:23.547 80
16. Filippi Honda (B) 1:23.596 74
17. Bourdais Toro Rosso-Ferrari (B) 1:23.753 72
18. Montagny Toyota (B) 1:23.977 45
19. Klien Force India-Ferrari (B) 1:24.446 56
20. Sutil Force India-Ferrari (B) 1:24.537 105
21. Liuzzi Force India-Ferrari (B) 1:24.555 55

-The WMSC Hearing-
Basically after the Brazilian race, the stewards found that the Williams and the Beemer's cars fuel were cooler than usual. Of course there is no real way to measure it once in the engine, outta the tank and in the middle of a race, besides 5 degrees really doesn't matter. Lew finished the race at 7th and Kimi at 1st so if the BMWs and Williams are to be punished and reclassified, it could see Lew promoted becoming the champion but many see this as a really bad move (well it is) because it will be bad for the sport. To a true driver, winning through the courts would be a HUGE slap across your face (well we all know the WMSC would not dare to re-classify the results cuz then a lot of people would be fuming mad, myself included). And so far Martin Whitmarsh said that he wanted clarification on the rules, fine. BUT THEN the Macca lawyers, THEY WANT THE CROWN! They are asking for the court to disqualify the BMWs and Williams. The lawyer urged the panel of four to not look at the bigger picture. Oh come on this is F1. THE ONE THING YOU NEED TO BE LOOKING AT IS THE BIG DAMN PICTURE! That was something Ron and Lew should have been at in Shanghai... Wow this keeps on getting to contradicting your own words. The decision is expected tomorrow, November 16 2007.

-The Market and Dear Old Fernando-
PICK A TEAM ALREADY BOY, WE ARE WAITING! Everyone expect him to sign with Renault but at the latest twist with the surfacing of Spygate II, Renault was found in possession of McLaren's 06 and 07 drawings of
the internal layout of the fuel tank, the basic layout of the gear clusters, a tuned mass damper and a suspension damper, they can be disqualified. Now I understand that he doesn't want to be stuck there if it happens but, Alonso does have a deadline to meet. A while ago, some speculated RBR but now with Honda signing guru Ross Brawn, it sure makes the prospect of moving to Honda a tempting one, but does he really wanna drive a vegetable car? No. His chances are still better with Renault.

-Bernie Reportedly Just Signed With a Company To Build Indian Track-
According to an Indian Newspaper, JP Associates are set to develop another Herman Tilke designed track at Greater Noida, 50 kilometers away from New Delhi. So it means India would get to host their first race at 2010 and go on for about 10 years according to the deal. Can't wait...